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Lamico - Second Hall construction begins

August 2020

Work began on construction of a second hall with the laying of the concrete foundations, retaining walls and floor. The warm weather allowed erection of the laminated framework to take place on schedule.


Lamico - Lamel Production Hall continues

July 2020

Throughout July, work continued towards completion of the new Lamel Hall.


Lamico - Glulam Framework completed

June 2020

The supporting roof structure is added to the Lamel Hall. The large Spruce laminated beams cover 2,500m2 of floor space supported by two central concrete columns. The timber construction affords substantial obstruction-free capacity.


Lamico - Lamel Production Hall taking shape

May 2020

The supporting engineered timber framework for the Glulam portal roof beams is delivered and erected. Construction rapidly continues demonstrating one of the many benefits of engineering with wood.


Lamico - New Product Development

May 2020

As work continues apace with the new lamel hall in Winschoten, contractors employ edge glued panels for the concrete formwork. The use of reject panels speeds the shuttering process producing a clean, smooth finish following removal.


Lamico - Lamel Production Hall work continues

April 2020

Contractors have begun pouring concrete for the floor and roof support columns for two new buildings which will provide 4,500m2 of additional production and storage capacity.


Lamico - New Lamel Production Hall

March 2020

Initial site preparation for a new lamel production hall has begun at Winschoten in northern Holland. This much awaited project will significantly increase the production of timber strips (lamels) lending flexibility to the production programme and potentially reducing lead times.
The accompanying photographs show the initial site preparation work.


Swing along with us

1st August 2019

Today, Mourne Timber Solutions are proud to announce they will be the headline sponsors for the Bristol TTBS 70th Anniversary golf day.

The event will take place at the popular Bristol and Clifton Golf Club on Thursday 26th September. The course is on the outskirts of Bristol, close to the M5 and has proved an extremely popular and challenging venue in the past. So, come along and join us for the day and help raise some good cheer for those among our industry who are not able to do so. It will be an occasion to celebrate, network and meet with old chums. If you are perhaps a retired golfer, novice, or not even a club swinger, please join us for the presentation meal and/or the inimitable putting competition which this year will be offering wine of drinkable quality and not the usual stuff for pouring on fried potatoes. We will welcome anybody, but it is your money we are after. However, the enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from participation will be priceless. We should be charging more!

For further details please contact us directly. You will not be disappointed.

Lamico - Homag CNC Router

April 2019

As part of a structured, ongoing, process of investment, our partners at Lamico BV in the Netherlands have recently installed a Homag CNC router to profile, shape and engrave their solid timber edge glued panels.
The equipment was brought online in April and the factory has already begun manufacturing table tops, cheeseboards and furniture components to order. The five-axis tooling even allows for edge drilling of holes suitable for dowel jointing. Component supply is now an option.

A new recruit

October 2018

Natalie Sands joins us is an administration role based in our Northern Ireland office in Newry.

New Website

22nd December 2017

Our new Mourne Timber Website goes live packed full of technical information and news.

Pro 17 Density testing

October 2017

Dundalk Institute of Technology embarks upon a test program to determine the density of Marmen Pro 17 Redwood from Sweden. Following establishment of the test program, batches of samples will be evaluated to measure, dry and calculate the density of the wood fibre. This process will take a number of months to undertake so that test material can be drawn from a range of forest sources. Initial indications suggest the timber to be much heavier than typical values for Scandinavian Pine

A new recruit

December 2015

Andrea Sands joins us as office manager based in our Northern Ireland office in Newry.

Mourne Timber Solutions (IRL) Established

August 2014

Mourne Timber Solutions (IRL) Ltd is incorporated.

UK Office

April 2014

Mourne Timber Solutions opens UK office in Bristol.

Mourne Timber Established

August 2011

Mourne Timber Solutions Ltd is incorporated.  +44 (0) 283 0269 448

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