High density sawn timber without pith, or shake but providing at least two clean adjacent faces for discerning manufacturers who prefer a more traditional solution. Kiln dried to 17% for external joinery applications in the UK and Ireland, this sawn timber helps overcome the initial swelling that can often occur when windows and doors are installed.

Quality: Bespoke Sawfalling from large diameter bottom logs

Source timber: Swedish upper gulf

Density: View test results here (Spring 2018)

Moisture content: 17% a.m.c.

Thickness: 50 to 96mm

Width: 75 to 125mm

Length: Decimeter cut up to 5,700mm

Packing quantities: 3.5m3 approx

Packaging: Strapped to bearers and polywrapped five sides

Order quantity: Full trailer loads of 42/45m3

Options: Bespoke width and thickness


Advantages and benefits:                                     is produced with a higher moisture content than typical laminated components so the potential for swelling is reduced. A bespoke kilning procedure dries the timber to 17% in order to cope with the humid conditions found in the UK and Ireland. The carefully controlled drying process results in virtually shake/split free timber. Windows and doors particularly, should function as designed, right from the day they are installed. Raising the moisture content won’t prevent swelling or shrinkage but it will help.


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