Three dimensional external and internal softwood claddings with smooth or rough sawn textures.
Available in a wide range of geometric designs and offered in pre-painted options ready to use.

Thickness: 9 - 21mm
Width: 85 - 280mm 

Lengths: 505/1005/2000/2350/2700/3600/4200mm


Grafwood External Cladding Profiles

Softwood, Hardwood and Thermo options
Thickness: 20/21/23/28mm 

Width: 70/95/120/145/170/195mm

Length: usual falling lengths

Accessories: cover moulds, beads, roof mouldings and sauna products

Finish Options (All profiles): Paint in solid colours 

                                                Transluscent stains

                                                Fire retardant surface treatment


Advantages: Wide choice of 3D contemporary designs

                       Secret fixing

                       Pattern adjustment with repeatable design

                       Ends matching

                       Ready to install

                       Long term performance guarantees


Edge Glued Panels

Small Mouldings

Marmen Pro 17

Sawn Timber

FJ - Lam


Geometric Cladding and Fascades


Composite Decking

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