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Competing materials come and go but wood continues to demonstrate it's suitability for external joinery.
It is a truly renewable and sustainable material which is strong, infinitely adaptable and pleasing in appearance.
Not only that, but it exhibits a warmth and friendly feel that other materials cannot provide.

As timber agents we work closely with high quality sawmillers and manufacturers to ensure the supply of timber products is dedicated to the end use. If we are unable to find the right product then we make it ourselves. Timber supply from forest to end user is governed by Chain of Custody regulations, please enquire about our FSC-C120377 certified products.

Currently, we are able to supply the following materials but we are continually seeking to bring further bespoke timber products to the market.

  • Pine and Spruce Edge Glued Panels

  • French Oak Edge Glued Panels

  • Pine FJ-Lam

  • Hardwood FJ-Lam

  • Doors

  • Composite Decking

  • Geometric Cladding and Fascades

  • Small Clear Softwood and Hardwood Mouldings

  • Firewood

  • Marmen Pro-17 High Quality Joinery Redwood

  • Sawn Redwood and Whitewood

  • Composite Cladding and Fencing


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